Solving problems with design.

Namaste, I’m Anjan Shrestha. I’m a designer, a design educator and a hobbyist photographer based in Nepal.

I am a co-founder at YoungInnovations. I have been practicing design for more than 14 years. Today, I lead the design team at YoungInnovations, I am a visiting faculty at KCM and I also run a pet project called Buttaharu.



My role: Project Inception, Graphics, Seamless pattern design

About the project

Buttaharu is a passion project I started about 9 months back. The idea is to create seamless pattern designs out of ordinary things we wouldn’t normally think of when we think of ‘patterns’

What does the project involve?

I’ve been creating and posting seamless pattern designs to my Buttaharu instagram page every single day (well, almost) since the day it was started.   

My role: Design lead, creative direction, UI/UX design, brand identity, design system

About the project

AidStream is a product of YoungInnovations. It is a tool that helps organisations to publish their aid data in the IATI format. Currently, AidStream is used by more than 1,100 organisations worldwide. 

My contribution to the project

I have been involved in the development of this product since its inception. My primary responsibility has been to make the product simple and intuitive to use. lead the user experience and visual design parts of the project i.e. designing user flows, user journeys, conducting design audit, leading designing or graphics, and brand identity.  


My role: Course creation, course facilitation

About the classes

Design Thinking is a workshop-based credited course that is being taught in Kathmandu College of Management.  

My contribution to the course

I helped KCM to develop and design the course and facilitate the class. I have successfully facilitated three batches of BBA students as of 2021.

Tootle logo

My role: Creative direction, UI/UX design, web/ app design

About the project

Tootle is a ridesharing product/service based in Nepal with an aim to inspire freedom in the way people move.   

My contribution to the project

I helped Tootle to rethink the mobile user flow of their mobile applications. I redesigned their partner (driver) and client (ride seeker) apps so that its easier for people to accept and take rides.  I also helped and led the website design and development team to build a site that reflects their values, mission and brand.